Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Lightning damage in Bolivia

A lightning strike in Bolivia did some minor exterior damage to the home's siding.  SERVPRO was able confirm that there was no damage inside and help repair the siding. 

Damaged roof and flooded house in Leland

A Leland area homeowner awoke to find the overnight storm had damaged his roof, his ceiling, and living room.  Once he got his roof fixed, SERVPRO was able to get everythin inside clean, dry, and fixed! 

Micro-burst storm causes fire

Over the weekend a micro-burst storm led to a fire in a Ocean Isle home.  The lightning from the storm hit the propane line on the deck and ignited.  The home was saved and SERVPRO was able to get on the seen, board up, and then clean up the home “Like it never even happened.” 

Ice storm brings down roof

An ice storm in January brought down the roof in a golf course snack bar in Calabash.  SERVPRO helped get a roofer out to help with the roof and then completed the clean-up and repairs inside.  They were ready for business in no time!

Storm damage at Leland office

During an intense storm over the weekend, a local Leland carpet store experienced roof damage that led to water in the owners office.  A roofer fixed the roof and SERVPRO cleaned and dried up the water in the office.

Lightning Strike in Leland

With the very bad summer storm season that we have be experiencing, a local Leland resident's house was struck by lightning.  Luckily there was no fire and no much damage.  SERVPRO was able to help get things back to their prior condition quick.