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Fire Extinguisher accidental discharge in business

12/22/2017 (Permalink)

Make sure to check your fire extinguishers periodically!

A local business in Brunswick County had a fire extinguisher accidentally discharge overnight because it fell from its hanging location.  The business immediately called on SERVPRO of Brunswick and S. Columbus Cos. to help them get them get their offices cleaned and open for business again.  SERVPRO of Brunswick and S. Columbus Cos. got to the scene as quickly as possible and after scoping the damage and planning, starting cleaning.  After setting some air scrubbers and HEPA vacuuming, the SERVPRO team wiped every surface and then steam cleaned the carpets.  The final results were a sight to see for the owners, who were able able to open the doors and get back to business in a matter of a few hours.  SERVPRO of Brunswick and S. Columbus Cos. making it "Like it never even happened." once again!  Make sure to check your fire extinguishers periodically to prevent accidental discharges like this from happening.

Quality HVAC Cleaning Services in Brunswick County

4/18/2017 (Permalink)

Count on SERVPRO to Keep Your Ducts Sanitary with a Cleaning Service

A proper HVAC cleaning can remove a tremendous amount of harmful materials such as dirt, pollen, dust, and debris that build up in your ventilation system over time.

Clogged ventilation systems in your Brunswick area home make HVAC cleaning methods necessary to provide you with a quality indoor environment. These cleaning methods are critical for restoring system efficiency and reducing related energy costs.
The installation of most HVAC ducting or trunk lines happens inside of your ceiling, attic areas, or crawl spaces that make access difficult. However, cleaning of regular sheet metal ducting are usually possible.
When it comes to coated fiberboard and flex ducting, replacement becomes necessary to avoid spreading gray or black water contaminants throughout the home. The type of material on the inside of the duct system becomes a critical factor in restoration.
If your ducting contains fiberglass insulation and is left unused for extended lengths of time, mold and mildew may be present, which requires replacement of the fiberglass lining due to related health issues. If not a significant amount is found, we can try fogging with antifungal agents and check the results.
SERVPRO technicians use a variety of tools and equipment to perform an inspection and perform HVAC cleaning properly. Dust scopes provide technicians with an inexpensive way to show customers before, and after results of a service, while inspection and air washing systems help reach tight spaces and locate damages.
SERVPRO technicians use special personal protective equipment such as coveralls with hood and boot options, full-face HEPA filtered respirators and gloves. These items help protect technicians throughout the cleaning process and maintain a safe, quality environment for you and your family.
Airless sprayers and foggers provide SERVPRO technicians with a solid method for applying antimicrobial coatings and disinfectants to surfaces and air duct systems found in any size ventilation system. Spray Foggers apply sanitizers and deodorizers, while airless sprayers apply coatings. Coating spray systems and mini cart spray systems used in combination with a pressure washer help apply coatings and disinfectants in various ways.
Industrial-grade HEPA filtered wet-dry vacuums assist with the removal of dust and debris building up throughout your ventilation system, while dryer vent cleaning equipment allows technicians with higher quality attachments and tools necessary to clean all types of dryer vent systems and duct work. All HVAC filters are also changed out during the service.
Contact SERVPRO of Brunswick and S. Columbus Cos. for access to expertly trained technicians and quality services that help improve your indoor air quality today. (910) 755-6717.